Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Don't Pay Attention Groundhog

I don't pay attention to that groundhog in Pennslyvania. Either way you look at it the seasons progress gradually from one to another. By the first of February the amount of daylight each day in January has caused some very faint signs of spring and rebirth. My irises are just beginning to break thru the gound. Same goes for the daylillies. And my roses are beginning to show signs of new life by sprouting minute new red growth on the branches. In the next six weeks we will see lots of gradual change in our gardens even if we get more snow or ice this winter. Each day brings us closer to spring and then we can say we have survived another winter! I must add that my thrill for today was not a groundhog but three white tailed deer running thru my back yard. I think someone scared them off the golf course and thru the open space of the backyards on the loop.

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jeanine said...

Daddy said you were working outside today. I think it was just warm enough for you to play in your garden. :)