Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tuesday Voting Place

This is where we voted this past Tuesday. This is our local school---Mountain View Elementary. It was very cold so no one was handing out any literature outside. Notice
the photo with the pots flanking the door and the photo of the two window flower boxes. Well, this is somebody's home. Every school in our county, Prince William, has someone living in residence. The home dweller pays rent to the school district but probably at a very reasonable rate. Part of the renter's agreement is to be a live-in guard for that school. They must work days and be home at night to keep an eye on the school. I even think that they make mandatory walks thru the school halls in the evening to check to make sure that no one has broken in or vandalized the school. And of course, if a fire alarm goes off, they would be the first to know and the first to notify the authorities. I think this is a great concept and more schools should do it. Anyway, I noticed that this apartment dweller must be both a flower person and a bird person. Notice the bird feeder attached to the one window and the flower boxes.

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Jenn K said...

Huh, never knew that. It's very interesting. I'd be curious as to how much the rent is and what type of apartment they have. I think I'd be too scared to live in a school by myself, though.