Monday, March 17, 2008

The Big Dance Starts Thursday

What university basketball team are you glad is going to the "Big Dance".
Jack and I are proud that American in D.C.; Georgetown in D.C.; and George Mason in Northern Virginia got an invite. I am sorry that Virginia Tech didn't get an invite to the NCAA Tournament but am glad that they are selected to go to the NIT Tournament.

Leave a comment if you are excited about some university that has made the cut. Or leave a comment if you think some university was overlooked.


Jack and Joann said...

Sorry Ohio State. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

Ohio who?

Thanks for your visit and comment. Your comment about me and my wig made my day -- and my wife enjoyed it too. She couldn't believe I posted that picture of me in that wig. LOL I did.

fishing guy said...

I'm a Kent State fan but I know they will have trouble with Kansas after they beat UNLV in the first round.

jeanine said...

I am rooting for AU (of course) but would be happy to Mason or Georgetown win, too.