Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Mules, Jennies, Elephants, and Weasels?

Please click on the photo in order to read this banner on the light pole. This banner was in Warrensburg, Missouri. Now you can read my blog post.

Everyone in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont needs to drive very carefully today because a lot of Elephants, Mules, Jennies and Weasels are on the road today. They are all heading to the polls to vote for their favorite candidate for president. Ok, ok, so you say that you know that the Mules are the Democrats and the Elephants are the Republicans but who in the world are the Jennies and the Weasels? Well, let me explain.

A lady mule is incorrect. That would be a crossdressing mule I guess. A female mule is called a Jenny. And the plural of Jenny is Jennies. So........there are a lot of Female Democrats heading to the polls today and they must choose between a Mule (Obama) and a Jenny (Clinton). The Male Democrats must do the same. The Elephants must choose either McCain or Huckabee as their candidate of choice. So what in heavens name are those Weasels? They are the Independent Voters. Go to this blog and read how this man has chosen the Weasel to be the mascot for the Independents. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080222073713AAmdSD5

The Weasels (Independents) don't vote for the party candidate per se but vote their convictions as to which person would be the best choice for President of the United States.

Everyone have a great day and enjoy watching the election returns. And don't get too upset if your candidate doesn't do well in the election. In the meantime I think I must find a Weasel banner for myself. But before I do can anyone think of another mascot name for an Independent? What about Wily Coyote? You can post your suggestions below.


Anonymous said...

My wife and I discussed who we were going to vote for before we went to the polls this morning. We have gone back and forth between Obama and Clinton and when we were parking the car we were still talking. Only when I got up to the station to begin voting the pressed "Next" did I realize that I couldn't remember who we finally agreed to vote for. Trusting instinct, I voted for Hillary and when we went out for breakfast afterwards I asked who she voted for and, like me, she couldn't remember who we had agreed to vote for so she voted for Hillary.

In summation, we voted for Hillary.

Jack and Joann said...

Shhh.......don't tell anyone but Jack and I both voted for Hillary in February here in Virginia. We were getting dressed and I thought to myself this is stupid. If we each vote for some one different, we cancel out our votes, so let's make a deal to vote for the same person and so we voted for Hillary. As for all my relatives in Ohio they all probably went for one of the Republican candidates. The abortion issue has them over a barrel I think.