Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Very First Day of Spring!

This is the very first day of spring in northern Virginia. The weather is cool, breezy but very sunny. I found a purple hyacinth in bloom. The tulips are coming up under the weeping cherry tree in the front yard. All my rose bushes and climbing roses are getting small green leaves. And I spied the first open white blossom on one of my three Bradford pear trees. Best of all, the yellow jonquils under the Kousa dogwood tree are waving to me in the morning breeze. Hallaleuh, spring has arrived!


Wanda said...

Oh how beautiful ~~ Love those daffodills ~~

judypatooote said...

The only way to see daffodils and tulips is to go to the grocery store.....we are suppose to get 3 to 6 inches of poor little tulips have just a tiny tip of the leaves popping up.... but anyway, have a Happy Easter..... judy