Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby Jack Is Back To Work

Baby Jack has gone back to work after being laid up with the flu for a week.
After Jack got up and got some warm clothes on he and his Mommy headed to work at Grandpa's house on Thursday. This is Baby Jack's job description: to quietly handle the stuffed animals and place them in his mouth while sitting in an upright position. The mute button in his mouth keeps the on the job chatting to a minimum. This position requires serious concentration and small muscle motor control.
To view pictures of Baby Jack's at home job go to the blog site below. You will see Jack's second job: Kitty Cat Petter and Tail Puller.


jeanine said...

He looks pretty bored on the job in the last picture. Maybe it was nap time...

Jack and Joann said...

Baby Jack was back to work but you could tell that the flu bug had taken some zip out of his step. He usually smiles and laughs all the time but Thursday he just a little lethargic. We had to work to get a smile or a laugh out of him.