Saturday, March 8, 2008

Come With Me

Are you still in a snowdrift where you live? Then do a virtual escape with me to Butchart Gardens outside Victoria, British Columbia. If someone granted me the privilege to live over one day of our 39 day cross country trip that Jack and I took last year, this is the place I would want to be. It would be a day spent walking, looking, photographing and just sitting to absorb the beauty of Butchart Gardens which I think is the most beautiful garden in North America, maybe even of all the world. I do like it better than the Japanese Gardens of Kyoto and the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens of Holland and The Tivoli Gardens of Italy. You can spend the better part of a day here and you can buy food and eat lunch under one of those cafe tables while admiring the blossoms, birds and bees nearby. Canadians should be very proud of this magnificent place. Click on photos for a better view of the flowers.


Anonymous said...

Butchart Gardens was where I went in 1976. I had some dear friends I had met and corresponded with via US Mail. We wrote nearly every other day. They were a couple from England (she was an English War Bride) and he was a French Canadian Map Maker who worked for the Canadian government making maps. They met during the blitz and married and moved to the island and built their paradise. A lovely couple who were the best naturalists I ever met.

Esme Davis and her husband Howard. They took me to the gardens you described with photos. It was lovely but oh so hot and humid the day we were there. When we got down in the bottom on those paths it was unreal and humid. Honestly, I couldn't make it now but had problems then.

I am glad you got to see it. It is a special place and quite beautiful. I think it was a recovered gravel pit or a limestone pit. I assume you know that.

Nice photos. We still got the blizzard going on. It is well into the second day for it now.

Wanda said...

Oh I hope someday to visit Butchart Gardens ~~ What lovely photos.