Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Side Yard Weeping Cherry Tree

The weeping cherry tree in the side yard is now in full bloom. This tree has white blossoms that are now slowly cascading down on my little girl reading under the tree. I always wonder what she is reading. Could it be Anne of Green Gables or could it be Little Women?
If you click on the photos you will notice that each individual blossom has a pink cup where the blossom is attached to the tree, then a white blossom and finally a yellow center in the middle of the blossom. Oh, and the little girl reading is relaxing in a plot of Creeping Jenny.


Just Roaming The Cities said...

I love these pictures of the cherry tree! I am a huge fan of weeping willows as well. Nice Blog!I'll put you on my favorites :)

fishing guy said...

Jack/Joann: What a great little tree. It is blooming as much as any cherry tree that I've seen. I like the way the weeping cherry tree is putting on a great show.