Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If This is 2008.......

If this is 2008, it is leap year and any lady can ask any gentleman to marry her. So ladies go ahead and ask that bashful or hesitant gentleman to marry you. Go. Just do it. For his sake and yours.


Anonymous said...

This is the day I quit smoking 11 years ago. I have been in aortic aneurysm surgery about 4 hours already. I would not want to wake up and suffer through the healing process again. It was sheer agony. But I made it. Hallucinations and all and floating beds and Elvis Presley riding on the bed with me into the pictures on the wall. Odd things happened for several days. Demerol drips into my spine made magic I guess.

Anyway. It just occurred to me that I did have aneurysm surgery 11 years ago today. I quit smoking the day before on the 10th (yesterday) and I sure wish I had never smoked the first cigarette. I can say that the US Government and our US Army got me hooked as they gave us a free package of cigarettes with each C-ration package or meals.

I actually came to say, Thanks, for your visits and comments. I do appreciate that. I have been married for more than 52 years to the same lady. We are still best friends.

Anonymous said...


Where was I in 1978 during the back to back snow storms.

I had a brand new Ford Fairlane 500 and I left NCR (engineering) an hour early so as to make it home as it was snowing hard.

I pulled in our driveway around 8:00 and my whole family was standing at our front bow window watching for me. We were all glad.

So many of my neighbors never made it home but were stuck in the country trying to stay warm in somebody's farm house.

Salty said...

Hello and thanks for visiting Country Captures. You are correct grackles do have black tails. My birds tail appears white because of the sun glaring off of his glossy feathers.