Monday, April 7, 2008

The Drinking Bar Is Going Out

I should be behind this window in my library doing my almost daily blog.
But I have more important things to accomplish this morning. Got to get ready and go with my husband to babysit our grandson. Wish us lots of luck. We will need it as his drinking bar (our daughter) heads out the door to her appointment. I don't do breastfeeding. That means we got to do the sippy cup and pureed fresh veggies and fruits to keep him happy until the drinking bar returns. Wish us lots of luck.
We did good babysitting today but I did take a nap when I got home. Now I am awake to watch the final dance of the NCAA Tournament. Looks like tonight's game will be close. May the best team win.
Kansas took the championship. The computer prediction was right on.
Tennessee took the Women's NCAA Championship. Stanford lost.


claude said...

Claude said
Not really but I no not know why but I am afraid of the bees and others beasts like bubblebees because they pick ! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Wanda said...

Sound like a good day babysitting!!!
I look forward to that after the move....lots of grandchilden to love on....!!

George Townboy said...

Ahhh, I was rooting for Memphis, because Southern Heart lives there, and she's sweet!

Love your, or should I say, youse guys, sense of humor!!