Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Election Night

Who will win the election in Pennsylvania tonight and will the long, long, long race between Obama and Hillary be finally over or will this go political process go on and on an on...........till August? Let's pray that it is over soon. I'm tired of listening to the candidates (including McCain) and to the political pundits. This presidential process is way too long. We need to shorten it. I will take my mind off the election awhile by watching three shows: American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and Big Brother. One thing for sure---whatever you miss politically will be televised again and again.
10:15 P.M. Hillary is giving her victory speech in the PA primary election.
So the long primary season will grow even longer.

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fishing guy said...

J&J: We also watch American Idol and Dancing With the Stars. It is better then other thing on TV.

I agree that the election process goes on and on.