Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When Going Down the Road of Life

When you are going down the road of life you need to be ready for the unexpected. Jack and I experienced this yesterday when we went to babysit our grandson, Jack Aidan. No, the baby didn't run away from home while we were there. In fact, he is not walking yet. He is still trying to master crawling. (He gets up on his knees and goes backwards.) We were on a Fairfax County local road after we exited interstate #66 when this tow truck flew by us going way beyond the speed limit. (Jack was doing the speed limit.) We don't know if it was the force of pulling around us or that "the thing" was not properly tied down in the tow truck. But a moment after passing us something came flying off the tow truck and bounced from the left lane to the right lane where we were fasting approaching it.

Jack and I didn't say a word to each other but looked on in stunned silence out the car window as this huge object came bouncing towards our car. I thought it looked like a wheelbarrow but Jack said later that he knew immediately that it was one of those extra two wheel contraptions that tow trucks carry to use sometimes for towing a vehicle. I just knew that we were in grave danger. Either the contraption was going to fly up into our windshield or we were going to run over it and trash the car from the bottom up and perhaps have a rollover accident. Luckily we both had our seat belts fully fastened. This all happened within two seconds max.

So Jack hit the brakes and I hung on for a quick stop. Well, the brakes on our Honda Accord worked well. Jack literally stopped on a dime and I then looked out the back car window to see if a vehicle behind us was now going to plow into our rear. Our luck was holding. There was a car behind us but far enough back that they could also apply their brakes and avoid hitting us.

When we came to a quick and crazy stop we saw this contraption was less then a foot from our front fender. That's what I call stopping on a dime
while going down the road of life.


jeanine said...

Scary story! I am glad that you both are safe.

Jack and Joann said...

Thanks for commenting baby daughter. When is your thesis due? And remember just a week till federal taxes need to be completed. Good Luck! Love, Mom
P.S. Have you gotten a recent email from Bryan in Iraq?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Just Roaming The Cities said...

Isn't it amazing the things that happen that make us appreciate the good things in life? I am glad you are both okay, that sounds scary!
And I am so jealous of your flowers. Still 35 degrees here in Minneapolis...

Wanda said...

Oh man ~~~ my heart was pounding as I read this....Oh my goodness were the gardian angles working overtime...Yeah you're safe and sound.