Friday, April 11, 2008

What Is In This Ziplock Bag?

What is in this Ziplock bag?
Make a guess under comment.
The person with the correct answer
will get something tomorrow.

In the meantime I'm heading outside to do some needed gardening.
See yuh later.
I'm giving you another 24-48 hours to figure this out.
Here's a hint.
I've been mashing it every day except for the one day I fed it.


Anonymous said...

I give up?

Jenn K said...

My guess is icing. It doesn't look like icing, but I can't figure out something that you would throw into a plastic bag versus a bowl and I know you can clip the corner of a plastic bag to do icing on a cake, so hence my guess.

jeanine said...

Pancake batter.