Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday's Drive Was Beautiful

Jack and I left home around 7:00 A. M. after handing off the keys to our home to a Wahoo. What's a wahoo? Someone connected to the University of Virginia. This fellow is an old friend of our daughter, Jennifer, who went to UVA. He is in N. VA on business. I will explain more about Wahoos once we get to Atlanta. Or, Jenn, if you want you can leave a comment explaining what Wahoos are. Jack is anxious to get on the road so I need to wrap this up. I just want to say that yesterday we had a beautiful drive thru the foothills of VA. I never saw so many redbuds in bloom along the road. And we had a great lunch at Chateau Morrisette in Floyd, VA. which is on the Crooked Country Music Road in VA. We made it passed Charlotte, NC yesterday afternoon. Today we will take #85 all the way to Atlanta, GA. I promise to post pics tonight. (Jack forgot to bring the cord in from the car last night so I couldn't download.) Hope everyone has a great day today whether in Virginia or out of Virginia.

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