Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We made it home to our front door late yesterday afternoon. The drive back was not fun. It rained heavily both Sunday and Monday so driving was difficult. It feels good to be back home. I checked my gardens and Jack checked the lawn and we both decided that that today will be a gardening day.


Anonymous said...

I looked at your front door and read your post and enjoyed it but it also reminded me that when we used to drive to Florida (down to West Palm and Jupiter area) that it was just a tad over 1100 miles form our house and we tried to do it as quickly as possible. I don't like to go or come that way. I really like to poke around and take the time it takes without thinking about where I am going or where I came from. To me it is a lot nicer than the rush routine.

Going through Atlanta was always a nightmare almost like going through Cincinnati. In the latter when you hit the city limits you are supposed to put the pedal to the metal and hang on. And people did.

We need to mow. Or my wife does as I can't do that stuff now.

On the other hand we might have a freeze tonight so what we got coming up might be seen going down in the morning. I sure hope not.

I enjoyed your post.

Jenn K said...

Welcome home! We missed you!