Sunday, April 13, 2008

Each Day Brings Changes

Each day brings changes to the spring garden. The Bradford pears lost their white blossoms in the wind this week and now are green. The saucer magnolias this weekend dropped a lot of magenta blossoms because of the wind and soon will be sprouting their green leaves. But luckily these saucer magnolias also can set new blossoms after leafing. I had new blossoms showing up last summer in August! These trees are just four years old this May. They have grown above the swing arbor now. I'm hoping that with time they will arch over the swing arbor. In fact this whole bed was made in 2004 when we got the swing arbor for our 30'th wedding anniversary. Since then we added the trellis panel in back for further privacy and attached two blue bird houses for our little friends. I'm now looking forward to the American wisteria on the arbor to leaf out and bloom. The Madame Zuphraine climbing roses on the arbor have already begun leafing out and I can't wait till they bloom. They are a type of old French rose from the 1860's. Have I told you that I adore anything French!

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