Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Jack and I got married 34 years ago today in Frankfurt, Germany at St. Sebastians Catholic Church. My father, Leo A. Gariety, flew from Ohio to give me away. My brother, Harold Gariety, flew from Denver to attend the ceremony. My only sister, Mary Ellen Thobe, was expecting so she regretfully could not attend to be my matron of honor. So my good friend, Joyce Mattricciano was my maid of honor. Jack chose his best friend, James Blakelee to be his best man. Later that same year our two witnesses became Mr. and Mrs. Blakeslee. Jack's mother in Arizona regretfully could not attend as well as Jack's father in Missouri.And my mother was deceased. Our wedding reception was at the Officers Club in Frankfurt, Germany. Before leaving for the reception we had to take some pictures with my first grade students who came to the church to see their teacher get married. These little first graders are now in their forties. My time flies! Whenever we look at this photo we always remark about how the trees in Frankfurt, Germany were totally leafed out on April 15. In Virginia which is closer to the equator than Germany is the trees are never in full leaf by April 15. We can never figure out why that is the case. Tomorrow I will show you a photo of where we went for our honeymoon.


Dan said...

Congratulations to you both! A fantastic milestone and rarely achieved in todays world.

Thanks for you comment at my blog. I used to live in Reston and we had friends who lived in Haymarket. At the time (late 80's) Haymarket was not much more than a wide spot in the road with a gas station.

Chuck Pefley said...

My Congratulations to you as well! Love the photo with all those kids. Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog today. ~Chuck