Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jeanine, Get Off The Phone!

Jeanine, get off the phone with Bryan and finish your thesis. Mom and Dad hope everything goes well and that you finish your thesis by this coming weekend. Then graduation in May! Yeah!!!!! Now get off the phone and get back to your computer.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good morning. Is this your daughter on the phone? Or a granddaughter. Our grandchildren range in ages from 26 to 8. Our kids range from 51 to 34.

Abe's visit went well, doctor cut back two medications they sent him home from hospital with and he also did an EKG that looked great.

Today I see oncologist just as my usual 3 month check up and blood work. My doctor said I will eventually go to six month check ups while I am still on the Femara. I still have four more years to take that.

Yes, some weeks it seems it's one doctor after another. Next week Abe has three appt. with three different doctors. They're all three follow up type appointments.

Hope you two have a great day, looks like it's going to be another beautiful sunny day. Also time to mow again.

fishing guy said...

J&J: Jeanine is a great looking young lady. I'm sure she will do fine with her thesis.

judypatooote said...

What a cute picture.....it's nice to see a cute girl in a big red box talking, instead of behind a cell phone.....which I'm sure Jeanine has....and would be just as cute.....LOL judy