Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blog A Go Go

So much has taken place since Thursday night. Need to find time to write three blogs about the last two days cruising: jampacked activites aboard ship, the port stop in Victoria, British Columbia Friday night, and the disembarkation from the ship in Seattle early Saturday. We promise to do it but not now.

And so much happened after we started heading east on interstate 90 yesterday. Need to write a blog about our nice stop in Ellensburg for lunch, the Farmers' Market and the Clymer Art Museum. We promise to do it but not now.

And we must write about what happened in Spokane yesterday when we exited the interstate.
Have you ever had a strange sensation like you have been dropped down in the middle of a major event when it is about to occur? That's what happened to us yesterday. In retrospect we should have become aware as soon as we spotted many many yellow school buses heading east down #90. And when we entered the city we should have become more aware when we noticed people rushing about with grandmothers, new babies and portable chairs. It was like that song-----pack up the babies and grab the old ladies and go to the salvation show. And when we had a difficult time finding a motel with a room we finally asked what was going on. Like had we missed an announcement that Spokane was hosting a spring superbowl. We were informed that Spokane was about to hold their Annual Lilac Festival Parade! Lilacs! Lilac Parade!
Joann's ears perked up and her mind made a decision: we are staying and attending instead of heading down the road to a cheaper room. So we did. And what a parade it was! Totally awesome I tell you. Joann captured it with over 100 photos that she is now editing. One more thing--that clerk failed to add two important words to the title of the parade. Armed Forces
Annual Lilac Festival Parade. Yep, the US Armed Forces were the main attraction of the parade. In fact, for every lilac that I saw, I saw 25 handsome men in uniform.

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