Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 12 & 13 -- Cruising, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY

Today’s update is for both May 12 and 13.


All day Sunday is a day at sea. We are now cruising in the Pacific on our way to Alaska. Our first stop is tomorrow morning. We went to Mass this morning and Joann got a special blessing from the Priest. It was a well attended Mass with a Priest from Hawaii. The ship is gently rocking, but not enough to cause seasickness. The water is relatively calm--no white caps--and the sun is shining. We are off to a great start!

Saturday we had it easy. No big road trips. We slept in--sort of. And then we headed to downtown Seattle’s waterfront. A few clouds, but nice temperature. We ate a leisurely lunch at Ivar’s outdoor restaurant amongst the seagulls. People were feeding them, so they stuck around the dock begging for food. We then checked in for our cruise. It was relatively easy considering there were about 1,800 people checking-in. We had done the Internet check-in for immigration control before leaving home. If we had not done this, we would have had to fill out a 3 page questionnaire for each of us at check-in. Within an hour our bags were checked, we were “checked” (security is much like the airlines) and on-board ship. Once on board, we discovered that we had been upgraded to a room with a window with an unobstructed view. Although “staterooms” are notoriously small, they are very efficiently arranged. We have a queen size bed, a long desk area, sofa, table, TV with built-in DVD player, two chairs, a bathroom with shower and 3 closets. The first thing they told us when we got on board around 2:00 pm was that lunch was being served on the Lido deck. We did not expect that, which was why we ate before boarding. We now know that you go on cruises for two things: food and entertainment. The lobby is three decks high with a crystal globe of the world in the center. Very impressive. One of the lounge areas even has a fireplace. At 3:15 pm we had a lifeboat drill where we had to put on our life vests and congregate on the promenade deck for further instructions. Hopefully, that will be the one and only time we need life vests during this cruise. We set sail around 4:15 pm and before midnight, we had had cocktails, an afternoon snack, a huge dinner, and seen a Las Vegas style variety show. (We skipped the midnight buffet--you have to sacrifice somewhere.) There are multiple bars with live entertainment on most decks. The cruise director stated, “You came on board as people and we plan on rolling you off as cargo.” We are just getting started, but we are certain this is going to be a great experience.


jeanine said...

Looks like fun! Happy Mother's Day, Mommy! I love you and I miss you.

Jim & Nancy said...

Have a great cruise. Did you have a opportunity to explore the ship on your first day? Nancy and I always try to hit every bar on the ship at least once. We didn't make it on this last cruise. We are enjoying your blog.

Jim & Nancy (Tribal Elder)

Jenn K said...

Wow, that's one huge ship! And if cruise's are about food and entertainment, then you two are in the right spot--we know how much you like both!

Happy Mother's Day and have a glass of wine for me :)

Dickie said...

Well here's to not really being rolled off as cargo though I suspect you will enjoy it all! I know I would. Can't wait to see the photos of the places you go.

Delaine said...

Hi Jack and Joan,
I just love your blog - so glad that you are enjoying your trip. We miss you Erinblair is just not the same without you around. Looking forward to seeing all your pictures and hearing about your trip in person - when you return.

Take care D

Delaine said...

Sorry Joann - miss typed your name it is early and I'm still not awake. Take care D