Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May 19 -- Seattle to Spokane

The ship arrived in Seattle around 5:00 am and was docked by 5:30. The first passengers didn’t disembark until around 8:00 am. The crew contributed this to customs in Seattle not being ready. ln the meantime, we had breakfast and headed back to the observation deck for one last farewell. The disembarkation was by the number with the ones catching early flights off first. We were off by 9:00 and on the road by 9:20. A very efficient process, but they have been practicing this for a few years.

Joann had her sightseeing books in hand and selected Ellensburg, WA for lunch. It turned out to be a great selection. We had what they billed as “The Perfect Breakfast” and it was very good. The town was very picturesque and they were having a famers’ market on one of the streets. We visited the Clymer art museum and saw many of his original paintings. Some were the ones used on the covers of the Saturday Evening Post.

The landscape along I-90 from Seattle to Spokane changes drastically. We were in the clouds in mountains, then in ranch and farm land and then back to the mountains. Joann wrote about our experience in Spokane, so I won’t repeat it except to say it was a very interesting parade. Since it was evening it was called a “torchlight” parade and many of them were lit. It started at 7:45 and was still going when we decided to call it a night at 10:00 pm.

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