Friday, May 25, 2007

May 25 -- Bismarck to Minneapolis

Today was primarily a driving day. The Eastern half of North Dakota was very flat with lots of farms. Parts of it would rival Kansas in boredom, but we were listening to David Baldalci's latest novel, Simple Genius, and time went very fast. Our first stop of the day was at a Frontier Village with a National Buffalo Museum. Their claim to fame was the world's largest buffalo. If you haven't guest, it was just a statue. Our next stop was in Fargo, ND, to see its one and only highlighted attraction, the Fargo Theater. There's not a lot going on in that town and before we knew it we were in Moorehead, MN. They run into each other and we didn't even know when or where we crossed the line. We arrived in Minneapolis around 4:00, checked into the hotel, rested for a couple of hours and then tackled the Mall of America. What a monster! But, Jeanine tell Bryan he would love it. Not only does it have 520 stores, 50 restaurants, and the world's largest indoor amusement park, it has a Lego Imagination center that would challenge any kid at any age. The camera man in the glass cage and the clock are both made out of legos. We ate dinner at the Mall in Wolfgang Puck's Express restaurant. Great food. We are scheduled for a tour of Minneapolis at 10:30 tomorrow and we then have a better idea of the city hightlights. We have now been in 49 states--only 1 to go.


Jenn K said...

It's amazing what some people can do with legos. In NY last year, we saw a Hagrid made of legos and some Star Wars characters.

Dickie said...

And the question was did you get lost at the Mall and forget where you parked???
Update on the yard...roses are over taking your bench on the side of your house, the wisteria is in bloom with the roses on the swing set and looking wonderful. Birds have nested and flown as well. But your yard still looks stellar, though missing the occupants of the house for sure!

jeanine said...

I think Bryan would go for the legos alone. That's how I bribed him to quit smoking. I promised him the lego Bat Cave. He ended up changing his mind when it came time for me to buy it (after 6 months of not smoking) but it did work to get him to quit. He's going to reach his year anniversary of quitting in July right before he goes back to Iraq. Hopefully, he won't start again but I guess anything is possible in a war zone.

Jack and Joann said...

Thanks Dickie for the update on our yard. Sounds like I have some blooms. I bet I have a ton of weeds in the beds too. I will have to get busy when I get home pruning and cutting back.

Jack and I met a lady this morning who scolded us for only spending 4 hours at the mall. She told us that it takes a minimum of 4 days to cover the whole mall. We also learned that this mall has more yearly visitors than Disneyworld in Orlando and the Grand Canyon is Arizona combines. The natives are worried that someone may build a bigger mall so there are plans in the works to convert the parking lots into more of the mall. If bigger is better then this is the best.