Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14 -- We're Safe

In case you heard about the cruise ship that ran ashore off the coast of Alaska--it was not ours. We are approaching Juneau--our first Alaska stop--and will be docking in about 2 hours. Just wanted to do this short post to let everyone know we are doing fine and still enjoying the cruise.

Our highlights from yesterday were a (1) kitchen tour where we saw vegetables being carved into flowers, bread being made in the shape of animals and sea creatures, pastries being prepared and lots of other activities and (2) wine tasting with a sommelier who was like a stand up comedian, but very knowledge on wines. He said he went to school 5 years to learn about wines. Joann is checking into that school.

Today is sightseeing in Juneau--the capital of Alaska.

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Dickie said...

Good to know about the other cruise ship...I saw the headlines and immediately opened the news to check and was happy to see it wasn't you!! Would love to have a tour of that kitchen...Joann do you think you can recreate it one time for a girls night out???