Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23 Second Post of the Day

Final Thoughts on the Holland American Cruise

1.Realize that you need to select carefully your cruise activites. You can't do it all. Learn this and you can become a time management consultant.

2.Try NOT to eat six big meals a day and do get some exercise on board ship. Learn this and you can become a fitness expert.

3.Remember when choosing the deck level for your stateroom that higher means more rocking side-to-side while lower equates to less. Learn this and you can become a sailor.

4.Practice your dance moves in the classes and you can become another Arthur Murray. Salsa is the hot dance today.

5.Attend the martini workshops and you can become a bartender.

6.Attend the formal dinners to learn how to properly set a white linen table and you can become a waiter.

7.Watch all the cruise shows and you can become a magician or Elton John impersonator. For the latter practice you foot work on the piano.

8.Explore each port of call and you can become an Alaska travel agent.

9.Follow the great examples of the Filipino and Indonesian cruise employees and learn the art of cheerfulness and kindness and positive thinking. On that note maybe the whole world today needs to take a Holland American cruise.

10.Get to know your fellow cruise passengers. They make the trip so interesting. The following folks enriched our trip:
Luke and Joan from California
Anna Maria and Mary from Puerto Rico
Barbara and Jackie from Los Angelos, California
Claudia and Greg from Monteray, California

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