Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10 -- Touring Vancouver

Today we toured Vancouver. We started the day on “The Big Bus” with a narrated tour of the City. We then went to the Harbor Centre Observation Tower for an overview of the City. Vancouver is a relatively young City and very clean. The most impressive thing is the mountain views you have along with the bays, sounds and harbors. It is definitly a place for the Winter Olympics. There is a lot of construction going on downtown in preparation for the Olympics. I think they’ll be in great shape in 2010. We took the tour twice since the tickets were good for two days and we only have one day to use them. The building that looks like a tent is Canada Place and it was built for the 1986 World's Fair. It is now and convention center and shopping complex. It is also the docking location for the cruise ships. The clock is a steam clock that blows steam on the quarter hour and then blows steam and counts the hour on the hour. It was originally run by steam, but they had too much trouble with it so it is now electric. After our tours we drove out to the University of British Columbia to the Museum of Anthropology. The picture of the Totems was taken at the Museum. The campus is beautiful and has some great mountain and water views. The flowers there were very impressive, but the flowers included here were mainly taken in Stanley Park in Vancouver. Joann even found some wisteria on the half timbered building to enjoy. Gas here is about $5.00 a gallon, so we will be glad to get back to the cheap $3.50 a gallon gas in the States tomorrow.

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