Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15 -- Hubbard Glacier

After cruising all night we arrived at the Hubbard Glacier around noon today. The Captain did a 360 in front of the Glacier so that all sides could get a good view. We didn’t get too close because of the floating ice. He said that the ship’s hull was re-enforced to withstand the ice, but the propellers were not and they would lose in an encounter with the extra hard glacier ice. Unlike the Mendenhall Glacier, the Hubbard Glacier continues to grow because it is a tidewater glacier and benefits from the other melting glaciers and ice caps. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the snow covered mountains glistened in the sun. Note we said the mountains were snow covered versus snow capped because the snow went all the way to the water. The Glacier has a turquoise cast due to its age and you could really see the color in the “icebergs” floating past the ship. The disappointing part: NO PUFFINS. Otherwise, we have just been reading, eating, sleeping and meeting fellow passengers. Tonight we have a performance by an Elton John impersonator. Should be a fun evening. And, yes Jim and Nancy, we have been enjoying the major productions and the bands in the various bars. Holland American caters to the older crowd, so the music is from our era. And, Jeanine, you should know by now that your Mother will try anything, so the drink was something that couldn't be missed. We arrive in Sitka tomorrow morning at 7:00 am and the ship doesn't dock, so we have to take a boat to shore. We have scheduled a tour in the afternoon focusing on the Russian influence in the first Capital city concluding with Russian dancers. We will also tour a nature center.


Jenn K said...

It looks very peaceful there. And cold. Can't wait to hear about the Elton John impersonator!

jeanine said...

I'm having trouble imaging the ship doing a 360. I think Mom is like Maria, she'll try anything, too. I'll have to tell you offline what she tried the other week, tops a Duck Fart any day.