Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Really Miss Sarah Palin

It has gotten downright cold outside this week with a snow flurry or two to remind us that autumn is down to its final weeks and the great days of running barefoot thru the gardens are over for this year unless you are a really brave soul or have good soles on the bottom of your feet. Winter is around the corner and already I feel my little world closing in on me. In one way I hate it and in another way I love it. I always have a true love/hate relationship to the final season of the botanical year. Winter.

The season that has the most emotion to even the word. Ok, close your eyes and say the word Winter. What sends your heart racing? The thought of watching it snow and seeing the world turned into a holy wonderland of white. Or does complete fear grip your heart when you think of winter driving, winter snow shoveling, and winter heating bills!

During the summer I spend so much time outside that I forget what my house even looks like. Oh, hello chair, I haven't sat in you for ages and ages. You are looking mighty good today. And that cozy wrap there looks good too. I think I might just sit down, wrap that wrap around myself and pick up one of those books that I have been meaning to read this fall. I have them stacked up two feet deep.

But then when I stop a moment to get a fresh cup of coffee I will think of Sarah Palin. What are you doing today? You looked so cute sitting on the arm of my patio glider with your little mouth full of birdseed and/or clematis seed. I think you still could have a career in politics or become an Olympic gymnist. You would be terrific on the balance beam. Please click on Sarah's photos to see her beautiful little cheeks full of clematis seeds while she is chewing away with her little paws close to her mouth. How adorable you look. I can see why people are enchanted with you. I admit that I am fascinated by you too.
Why did you run away from my garden limelight? You say you need to get back up north for the moose hunt? Ok, but do be careful. When the moose chile is ready give me a call. I'm in the book.

Today's blog is dedicated to my two little summer garden buddies Sarah Palin chipmunk and little Sunny chipmunk. If you haven't heard my other Sarah Palin story roll back to November 11'th blog post. Now back to the chair, the wrap and my good book.

Sarah Palin: Please, may I speak now, Joann. I realize that you are Joann from Ohio and not Joe the Plummer from the Ohio and that you didn't vote for me but I do have something to say to you. I will be back. But right now I have my paws full. In each little paw I have a brand new baby chipmunk and three more are nearby waiting for some attention. By the way, the chipmunk nursery is right by your outside celler steps and your breakfast room window so I would appreciate it if you would keep the music playing on low.


fishing guy said...

Joann: What a realy cool post you did today. I hope you get some extra visitors for this one.

Linda Reeder said...

Winter means indoor living for me, too, after spending much of my time outdoors. More often it means cold rain here rather than snow. Snow is a treat since I don't have to drive to work.
I look forward now to taking a break from gardening, and look forward to opportunities for winter walks, along with all there is to do indoors.

Denise said...

Great post, and that sure is the cutest little chipmunk you've captured there. Love your photos of him.

Linda said...

I came over here from Sparkys blog and I have to say, I love your blog!!! Blessings.