Friday, November 14, 2008

In The Dog House For Inauguration!

Here's the local D.C. news scoop. All the D.C. metro hotels, motels and inns are booked solid already for the Obama inauguration festivites. So it looks like people who have plans to attend are now scoping out dog houses like this cute little fellow here. Do you need a dog house for attending the January festivities? Hmmmmmmmm.....maybe Jack and I can work out a little deal for you. We live just 45 miles from two ground zeroes in D.C.--the U.S. Capitol Building and the White House. Maybe for a fee we can rent our home to you for the week.

This idea came to mind after our September trip to Louisville,KY where our friends Leon and Helen told us that their friends and neighbors were moving out for a week and renting out their homes for the PGA Golf Classic at the golf course next door to their community. Like some folks were getting up to $25,000 for a week's rental. Hmmmmmm----not bad, huh! And I just heard that some rooms with two beds in downtown D.C. are going for $1000 per night. And at our place you would have an entire 4200 sq. foot home with garden to call your own for inauguration. Of course, I may be overcharging for the garden since it is sometimes cold in January and not a very good time to explore my wisteria and rose covered swing in the backyard.

One more thought on this silly idea. In Louisville all folks who rented out their homes had to remove all their personal possessions from the closets and all personal photos from the walls. Sorry!
I'm not doing that! Baby Jack's photos will stay up on the walls as well as Fishing Guy's Buckeyes photo.


fishing guy said...

Joann: Little Jack looks so cool with the dog.
If you decide to rent the house make sure you know who is going to be there.

Bethany said...

Jack looks so happy playing with the pet.