Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Halloween Visitors

Ohio: Beggars Night
Virginia: Halloween Visitors

The little folks were so excited to come inside the house and get their picture taken.

Now here come the high school group.
In this group shot I captured not only the kids but a German nanny and one father in black.

I asked the German nanny and her little charge to pose for a special photo. I loved these witch costumes. Miss German Nanny could have gone to Cinderella's ball in her outfit and the little charge was just as cute as can be in black and purple.
Hope You Had A Haunting Halloween Like I Did
Do Remember To Set Your Clocks Back Tonight
No More Daylight Savings Time Till Next Spring
Soon You Will Go To Work In The Dark
Come Home In The Dark
Dark, Dark, Dark.


Anonymous said...

These all look like my neighbor's kids. LOL.

There are some very old books on Amazon dot come that I wrote or used to be. I would be curious. I will have to look.

Anonymous said...

I typed in calligraphy, abraham lincoln and came up with 26 titles of mine. I would have to do that with other terms in the beginning at there were a lot not there but are somewhere as they sell a lot of them. There are two there if you type in lulu as the publisher. Anyway.

DragonQuilter said...

Always fun to see the kids on Halloween! Glad you got pictures!!

fishing guy said...

Joann: This is a neat post and so interesting to see the kids. The story of the ones who ran was so funny.


I can really see a resemblance between Connie and her daughter!! They are both beautiful :) And I think they have the same smile.

jill said...

That is so funny about the kid screaming at your camera! Was he dressed as dracula? Kids around here go to the malls or churches for halloween/harvest party treats.