Sunday, November 16, 2008

Men in the Military Part I

If my brothers were in Virginia today, I would take them to the Golden Corral to eat tonight. The Golden Corral is doing a great thing. They offering a free "Thank You" dinner for any person who has served in the U.S. Military. I should take my husband Jack who was in the Army too.
My three brothers dressed and ready to participate in the outdoor Memorial Day mass at the grotto at St. Remy's Catholic Church in Russia,Ohio. From left to right: Carl Gariety in Air Force uniform, Paul Gariety in Army uniform and Harold Gariety in Army unifrom. Photo circa 1959-1960 .
The Catholic War Veterans pose for a group photo after mass with Father Ritzler. Photo circa 1959-1960. I believe some of the older gentlemen pictured fought either inWorld War I or World War II.


Anonymous said...

I left a long comment here but don't see it. I can't remember it all. I will say that your brother pitching for the Black Knights was a team I got to watch more than once and I was there when he was. In fact I worked for the commanding officer of the 5th Cav Regt, Black Knights. So I might have some military orders papers with his name on it. Next time I have them out I will look.

I don't remember all the other stuff I had posted.

Cynthia said...

Thank you for this post and documenting their stories. I am most appreciative for their service, and I know others are here as well (I am an American, living in France).

The Texican said...

Great to see tribute paid to all who served in our military. I know you are very proud of your brothers. Pappy