Monday, November 24, 2008

My World Tuesday #6 Nov. 24, 2008

My World Tuesday

Northwestern Prince William County
Loudon County
The Place Where
in the '90's

A Disney and Mickey Mouse Historical Amusement Park
Was A Dream and Proposal That Was Rejected By Virginians.

Virginia Wanted To Preserve History By Keeping
The Horse Farms
The Apple Orchards
The Dairy Farms
The Old Landed Gentry Estates of the Rich and Famous

It Is 2008 Now

What's Happening in Northwestern Prince William County and
Loudon County
Let's Take A Look Around.

Here we have an apple orchard and lots of red apples lying on the ground.

Now here's the French Style Chateau. An old house that has been restored with pine floors recycled from an old house and wood doors and beams from a abandoned mills. The rocks walls are from the Virginia clay soil. The top photo show the entrance of this restored old house.
I like that little twig conversation settee that has a toile pillow.
Here is the double door entrance. The old doors have been covered in copper sheeting. Notice the ceramic tile and old mill wood water fountain to the right of the door. The same ceramic tile adorns the floor in the entrance.

Now look up to the circular raised ceiling in the entrance that is covered in copper shingles. Isn't that pretty.
I like the iron sconce on the old mill wood here. It looks medieval.
Now look at this cozy wood beamed room with tables and sofas by the rock fireplace. I like the provincial yellow color on the walls. Where are we you ask. We are at another of Virginia's newest wineries. This winery is called ChateauO'Brien in honor of the founder and owner, Howard O'Brien, who has a passion for wine and travel and has found this apple orchard at North Point near Markham, VA as the spot for the founding of his vineyard and winery. Jack and I visited this winery last Saturday for a tasting and light picnic supper.
Circling this table are the types of grapes and consequently the types of wines produced here.
Did I mention that I love that little settee? And I really just love the red and yellow toile on the cushions. It would fit in with my home decor. Do you think I could get it?
The reason I like toile is because it is a fabric that tells a story.

This winery literally sits on top of a little mountain in the Shenandoah Valley. Both inside and outside you have almost a 360 degree view of the mountains. There was a good breeze Saturday afternoon and a flock of about 20 hawks were flying around the little mountain and the winery.

Here's the view from the parking lot. You are looking at the building where the grapes are processed into wine. Mr. O'Brien only uses grapes grown on his own Virginia property to make his wine. He wants that terra Virginia quality to his wines. No bringing in grapes from out of the state of Virginia to make Virginia wine.
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Later if you want to learn more about Chateau O'Brien Winery , click here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour. I love the chateau and the furnishings.

babooshka said...

Who would want to spoil this with a theme park. It's beautiful and historical as it is. Very different part of the world.

fishing guy said...

Joann: What a neat look at the winery and all the decorative furniture.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting info and great images to go along with it!
Cheers, Klaus

W. Latane Barton said...

Lovely part of Virginia and one which I have not explored. I'll have to come apple hunting one of these days.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what a beautiful place:) thank you for the tour :) Happy Thanksgiving!

The Good Life in Virginia said... axing the disney thing. i can remember reading about that whole ordeal when we were living in california.

one of the things that i like about virginia is their resistance to change...especially where we are.