Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Week Till Thanksgiving Rush!

Joann's Official Warning: One Week Till Thanksgiving Rush!
Time management people will tell you to plan, plan, plan and do things ahead of time for Thanksgiving. So I've got a plan and I'm doing something or two ahead of time. You ask, what is it you are doing? I'm putting up my Christmas tree in the living room and other sundry Christmas decorations. This year I'm using a shorter tree and placing it on a table to keep Jack Aidan from climbing the tree. (He's now in climbing mode. Look out!)
The weather here in Northern Virginia yesterday helped put me in the Christmas mood. We had several snow showers with great big flakes so when Jack Aidan came for lunch in his hooded sweatshirt Jack took him outside to see the big fat flakes. Later we had another type of shower but I'll tell you about that in a minute.
First, I want to tell you how Bob Ryan, the weatherman on our local NBC affiliate here in the Washington metro area describes snows in his five types scale:
1. Conversational
2. Sweepable
3. Shovable
4. Call Off School.
5. Call It A Blizzard!
Our snow shower yesterday was a #1. Just something to talk about. Nothing stuck to anything.
Now for the other little shower that we had yesterday. After I posted MY TUESDAY WORLD blog late yesterday Jack and Jack Aidan and Jenn went to our favorite restaurant, Alibi Catering, for continental catering takeout. So I set the table and got the high chair ready and poured the drinks for everyone. Jack Aidan has his drink in his sippy cup. Well, lunch came and we all ate and Jack Aidan provided lots of laughs and giggles at the lunch table. A baby trying to eat rice all by themselves is a stitch to watch. We had a little rice shower right in the baby high chair!
Then I looked down and spotted a little round puddle on the floor below the high chair. I looked at Jennifer and wondered out loud you don't suppose Jack Aidan........ Then Jennifer interrupted and said no way, he has on a diaper, his onesie and those very heavy pants. Jack Aidan must have just turned his sippy cup upside down. So we proceeded to finish lunch with more laughs and giggles provided for our amusement by Jack Aidan.
It was when Jennifer pulled Jack Aidan out of the high chair that we all exclaimed: "Uh--ohh!" That's when we discovered that Jack Aidan had rained upon our parade. He was soaked thru his heavy pants, onesie and diaper and that little puddle on the floor was not apple juice!


fishing guy said...

Joann: You know it has been said "When it rains, it pours". This time it was more then another rain storm. That does remind me of another saying with the snow "Don't eat the yellow snow". I'm pretty sure it fits. It's funny when little ones gains a lot of weight when they fill their diaper.

Linda Reeder said...

Wow. It's much too early for a Christmas tree for me!
But enjoy.


LOL on the second shower! I feel your pain! I feel your pain!!!!

I bet your house is looking beautiful. It always does at Christmas time.

judypatooote said...

LOL you have such a way with words..., and I like the way your weather man discribes the snow... We have had snow showers, with some big flakes, and the leaves are still falling down....I have raked 4 times in my front yard, and it is full of leaves again, and my back yard is full again too, even though I dragged them out the the curb....they don't pick up until Dec. 3rd.... I love the picture of little Jack sitting under the tree.....and I must tell you I have 3 trees put up.... large, middle size, and little ones.....when my computer was in the fixit shop, I had to do something with my time.... have a happy Thanksgiving my friend... judy