Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sky Watch Friday for November 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday
November 21, 2008
Photo Taken From My Dining Room Window
On the outside of the window thru the glare of the camera's flash you can see how my arbor and swing looked this morning. The wisteria vines have shed theirs leaves while the bourbon rose vines still have leaves and are rising above the backside of the top of the arbor. The two saucer magnolias along the backside of the arbor have set their buds for blooming next March. And the knockout roses on both sides and in front still have a few small buds and blooms.
On the inside of the window I placed a small silver frame with a photo of my deceased father because November 21'st is his birthday. Now look below and you will see a larger version of this same baby photo.

Leo A. Gariety
Born November 21, 1903
Died May 21, 1979

At the turn of the century and earlier baby boys wore dresses! Truly amazing! If you looked at this photo today you would just assume that this was a little baby girl. I think my father must have been about a year old when this professional picture was taken. It might have been taken in a photographer's studio in Newport, Ohio or Versailles, Ohio. Notice the ornate Victorian wicker chair in which he is seated. That chair definitely has a Victorian look. I suspect that my father was actually seated on a little tuffet that was placed on the wicker chair. Otherwise his legs would be dangling over the edge of the chair. And since he was sitting so well without support I imagine that this photo mayactually have been taken closer to his second birthday. What is amazing is that all little baby boys back then wore dresses all the time. See, unisex dress is a lot older than you think.
I also bet that some of my dad's sisters also wore this same baby dress.

My father had ten older siblings and one younger sibling. Dad's younger sibling, My Aunt Viola Gariety Luthman, was born November 5, 1905 and she has just celebrated her 103'rd birthday this month! That's amazing too! Aunt Viola has outlived several of her children and many nephews and nieces.

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Denise said...

What a neat photo, and a pretty view out of your window with your father's photo on the sill. That photo is incredible, and such a treasure to you I am sure. I have a baby photo of my Dad in the early part of my blog, and his birthday was November 15th. Great post here, really enjoyed it.

kjpweb said...

Very interesting! Well that seemed to be the fashion then, huh?
One thing though - it's a tiny bit off topic for Skywatch, don't you think? Skywatch is more about whats going on with, in and around the skies we see... ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Jack and Joann said...

I know. I stretched it to get my father into the Friday post. I was torn between not doing Sky Watch Friday or doing it like this. So family won out. Next week I'll go back to focusing on the sky.

kjpweb said...
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Anonymous said...

LOL - You are forgiven! ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

The fashion of yester-years.
A nice tribute to your dad :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Nice tribute to your father.

Anonymous said...

I would rather see the boy in a dress anyway. LOL]

Hells Bells...I wore one and had long blond curls in my hair.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

lovely post....and good thoughts as you remember your father today.

Michael and Amber said...

Love the photo! The Garietys were big on taking photos. We have lots of them at family gatherings and special events. It helped a lot that Norbert was a photographer :). If we ever get a scanner we will post some to share.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Hey! good to hear from you! It's always great to find new family members! So I'm actually married to a Gariety, thus no Gariety blood is running through my veins. But you're right-the Garietys are a good looking bunch. Funny that I look like some of your relatives! Looking forward to checking your blog from time to time!

Linda Reeder said...

Nice way to share memories of your father.

judypatooote said...

What a great picture, and yes, I would have thought your dad to be a's funny how clothes can give you the impression that they are either a boy or a girl... and back when my kids were little your pierced the ears to prove that you have a girl....but now the boys were the earrings....I'm so confused.....LOL

Wanda said...

I saw the sky, and I saw your Dad's photo, and thought the whole composition was a good sky watch.


It's a lovely tribute. My dad was a November birthday as well.

Anonymous said...

Joann (Mrs. Shipley to me), I cannot tell how much I love your blog! Of course I found it linked from Jenn's site. You must rank at the top of my list that I check every day or so - you have the best pictures and stories ever!
Erin Tanner - Silvernail

Jack and Joann said...

Erin, thank you for stopping by. Whenever someone starts out with Mrs. Shipley, I think uh--ohh! this must be a former student of mine from Franconia Elementary School in Fairfax County.
But it was great to hear from you! Take care and check back any time. Joann
P.S. You are old enough to call me Joann.

And to me blog readers, this was a girlfriend of our older daughter Jennifer when she was as Hayfield Secondary School. She now lives I believe in San Diego with her military husband.

fishing guy said...

Joann: Just when I think I've seen everything on SWF I miss one of my friends, sorry. I'm glad you and Klaus got everything straighted out. Interesting story about your father.