Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Sunday Sermon

Two thoughts running thru my mind this Sunday morning.
Hate is so old.
It seems like it extends back to the beginning of human times. And it makes us feel ugly.
Love is always so new.
It seems like it is just discovered for the very first time and it transforms our world just like when seeing a rainbow after a windy dark storm transforms our world. It makes us feel beautiful.
Why am I thinking about hate and love on this Sunday morning? Because of what I just read online in the papers. That since the election of our first black president there have been two very discouraging developments. First, the rush to buy firearms, particularly shotguns and semi-automatic fire weapons. Second, the rapid rise of hate crimes all across the nation against blacks since the election results were announced.
See the pew above. Recite the Lord's Prayer or listen to it being sung here on my Playlist by Il Divo. Focus on the words concerning forgiveness. Lastly, think of what professor William Ferris at North Carolina recently said: "Change in whatever form does not come easy and a black president is the most profound change in the field of race that this country has experienced since the Civil War." He also referred to this quote: "Someone once said that Racism is like a cancer. It's never totally wiped out. It's in remission."
Then go take a little walk outside. Maybe you will experience the wonder of God in nature just like I did when I walked down my street and discovered this beautiful tree full of little crab apples. Peace and love to all of God's children this Sunday morning.


Beth said...

This is so true and so beautiful. I always try to remember that ugly thoughts turn into ugly wrinkles--lovely thoughts turn into lovely wrinkles--reminders of our lovely thoughts.

Jarart said...

What a beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for those important thoughts.

Sharon said...

What a wonderful and very important words for today!

fishing guy said...

Joann: Beautifully written and thought out, racism is hard to get past for certain.

Wanda said...

I left a comment, and I don't see it. Did I have a computer problem or did you need to delete it?