Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Sarah Palin Problem

We have two very active chipmunks in our yard. I named the first one Sunny because he liked using my lawn furniture this summer for sunbathing. When I noticed that Sunny got a girlfriend early this fall, I named the second chipmunk after the Alaska governor who was running for vice-president on the republican ticket. In fact I think I blogged about Sunny and Sarah making out on my patio and I thought they needed to get a motel room. Well, about the same time that the real Sarah Palin was having her vice-presidential debate with Joe Biden, my chipmunk nicknamed Sarah Palin got herself into some big trouble at the rodent proof? bird feeder by the breakfast room window.

I looked out the window one morning and I saw that Sarah Palin had climbed the pole and was helping herself to some birdseed on the outside ledge of the bird feeder. She was eating and eating and getting nearer and nearer the open holes. The next thing I knew she was creeping into the hole and popping up on the inside looking out at the world. Oh, no, those sunflower seeds must really be tasty I thought to myself. Either that or else she is planning a seed heist and planning to plant the seeds somewhere in my garden. At any rate, I kept watching while I was having my morning coffee to see exactly how she was going to get out of this bird feeder. Well, she tried and tried but she couldn't quite get her little head back thru the holes no matter how hard she endeavored to do so.

What do you do when you see a chipmunk stuck in a bird feeder? Call the Orkin Man? No, No! You call the fairy godmother, Jack, to go rescue her.
And that's what I did and that's what Jack did. Sarah Palin was freed and she ran off fast without even a thank you or a wink! You betcha, this is a true funny critter tale.

News Flash: If you want a really good story with belly laugh moments go down my blog list and click on Twobytwobytwo, home of the lady with not one, not two but three sets of twins! Heaven help Cindy! She has written the funniest story about her one daughter.



Now that tale is full of Alaskan wind song you betcha! (wink!)

It cracks me up that you named your chipmunk Sarah Palin!

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

I will see you this Friday. I am guessing we'll all come in stopped over, toting those heavy tomes!


Stooped!! Whoops :)

Jack and Joann said...

I had to name her Sarah Palin because she was hanging out in my yard with that other chipmunk named Sunny who must be John McCain from the sunny state of Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Well that is a good one. I laughed about it too.

I will be publishing a story tomorrow that will knock your socks off but then on Friday it will be the wildest cakes you are laid your eyes on. Honest to Pete. You need to tell you friends. Those pictures made that issue of my Draw magazine the most read issue we ever published.

fishing guy said...

Joann: I love the story and also the parody of someone who went in too far. She didn't help McCaine and now she is picking on the press. I'm sure there is no way she will ever be president of this nation. If she does I hope Jack will help her out of the mess.

Linda Reeder said...

Looks like your Sarah didn't know when to quit either.