Thursday, February 5, 2009

SkyWatch Friday Scenes of Grand Cayman

Skywatch Friday
February 6, 2009
Scenes From Last Friday on Grand Cayman Island
Happy TGIF! The Local Microbeer is Called Caybrew

Look at this. You can go on a wooden pirate ship and pretend that is is 1500 in the Caribbean. We watched this pirate ship leave the dock and circle our cruise ship. Right after I snapped this still photo Jack and I heard a very loud cannon boom! Apparently they try to make this pirate cruise as authentic as possible.

This is a photo of the pirate ship from the seaside restaurant that Jack and I were visiting.
This is the Jamaican man working on Grand Cayman who gave us the commentary on our underwater sea tour that we took on a semi submersible submarine. Look below and you will see what we saw when we looked out the submarine's windows. What do you see? Lots of coral and fishes.

We really enjoyed this tour. We also got to see two shipwrecked ships lying in the waters off the coast of Grand Cayman.
And here is our deep sea diver who dived off the top of the submarine to feed the fish which allowed us to see lots and lots of fish all at once.
Jack and I saw stingrays on the ocean floor on the submarine tour but these stingrays are part of water fountain in the shopping port.
Grand Cayman is the island of bankers. Over 600 banks on this small island because they have top secret accounts. This is where Bernie Madoff was trying to ship some of his money after he finally got caught with his ponzi scheme. So what do the rich folks do here? Apparently many of them invest in jewels like diamonds, tanzanite, etc. There surely was an abundance of jewelry stores. Notice above the man rolling Cuban tobacco into cigars. You can not declare Cuban cigars legally on your customs form when you head back to U.S. soil but I bet a few folks had some Cuban cigars stashed in their luggage or else they were smoking them fast and furiously while on the island paradise. Beside our cruise ship in the Grand Cayman port was a fancy yacht. Someone on our tour suggested that maybe it was Tiger Wood's yacht since he and his wife own a home on Grand Cayman. Who knows. Maybe yes, maybe no. Maybe it is Maddoff's yacht!
These are the Grand Cayman parrots.
Below you can see the little restaurant on the dock where we had a nice lunch of seafood and conch fritters. Boy, of boy those conch fritters were good!
And from our seats at this outdoor restaurant you can see our ship. If you click on the photo below you can also just make out two folks snorkeling in the water with our submarine in the distant background.

Here we are sharing a piece of Grand Cayman rum cake. Very good. We bought several to bring home for relatives and neighbors.

Grand Cayman island is a lot like Key West, Florida in that there lots of roosters crowing around the island. And where there are roosters there has got to be some little hens like this one who wanted some of our lunch.
This is a local church on the island that we toured before we reboarded the ship.
Plaques on the wall are for folks lost at sea and the mahogany ceiling beams are from ships lost at see.
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Anonymous said...

The chicken was a surprise. I liked the look of the boat and guess the pirate ship and canon was loud enough to startle everyone. Nice bunch of pictures. Glad you made it back in time to enjoy some of the snow.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

What a cool cruise. The cannon shot would have scared the daylights out of me though since I know there really ARE pirates on our modern seas.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I've never been on a cruise, but it seems like a good way to leisurely see the Caribbean. And an easy way to travel light, which is ironic considering that the cruise ship is such a giant.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmmmm! Those beers looked so yummy, especially in such a beautiful location.

That pirate ship is just so awesome! I'd love to sail on one and dress like a pirate or a wench, "Walk the Plank!"

My favorite was the chicken picture, of course. I love chickens!

Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way.
You asked about my physical therapy. Yes, I did have an injury. I fell off my horse on Christmas Eve and tore my ACL, Meniscus, and Lateral Ligament.

I had surgery to replace and repair everything in my knee 4 weeks ago.
The physical therapy is proving vital to getting me back to eventually walking again. It's not fun, though.
I sure wish a cortizone shot could have fixed my ripped ACL, meniscus and ligaments. hah!

I'm glad you're shoulder wasn't serious enough that you needed surgery or long term physical therapy. :~)

New Mexico

Linda Reeder said...

It looks like you had a great escape from winter!

Louise said...

That church shot with the sky as its backdrop is incredible!!


Well, this week you're here and it's 18 degrees! I bet you wish you were still THERE! I wish I was there too. Me and the chicken could be buddies!

beautiful said...

would be nice to experience everything first hand. Lovely!

fishing guy said...

Joann: What wonderful scenes from your cruise, I hope to do one in the near future.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

your cruise looks like it was a lot of fun. enjoyed all of your photos...
thanks for sharing with us :)
have a great weekend.