Friday, February 6, 2009

Video: The Waves From Cabin Window


What does the sea look like from our cabin window? Click here to see for yourself.


fishing guy said...

Joann: Neat vedio of the waves and your opera fits this one.

Tricia said...

Oh I can't wait to go on the cruise I have planned next spring! I'm so anxious to go!

Thank you for stopping by my blog & I appreciate your comment. I've met several people while blogging who've lived in or have relatives who live in Missouri - It's a more popular state than I thought! LoL!

SandyCarlson said...

That is some view!
Thanks for stopping by!


Seems like it moves so quickly, for such a big ship! I've never cruised before, so I had no idea!

June said...

Oh, I love this!

ChrisJ said...

Love the music on your blog. Was that Pavrotti? We have a cruise planned for 50th Anniversary. We are going to the Norwegian Fjords in May although our anniversary is not until October, but we didn't want to go to Norway in October.

Ohhhh... Time to Say Goodbye, one of my favorites. Why do I ever bother to put the TV on....I have so much of this wonderful music.