Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sacred and Profane Part II

Yesterday I showed you the profane on board Costa Fortuna. Today I will show you the sacred on board Costa Fortuna. I think because this ship was from Italy where most citizens practice the Roman Catholic faith we had a Catholic Church on the ship. It was small but done in an elaborate Italian style. The walls and ceiling were all in gold. It reminded me of the Sistine Chapel at St. Peters in Rome. And like Rome it came with a true Italian priest. In the second picture you see him in green up at the alter blessing the bread and wine for us. Oh, I must add that like the rest of the ship the lights on the sidewalls and on the ceiling were made of Venetian Italian glass. Very, very pretty chapel. The murals of the saints in the archways on the sidewalls were very Greek Orthodox in appearance which would make sense since the Romans conquered the Greeks who had been in Rome as well as Athens. In the above photo the couple sitting in the last row were the couple from Belgium that we had lunch with one day on the ship.
You can barely see Anna and John Smith sitting up in the front row on the left. John is Deacon John and he acted in that capacity for the priest on this cruise. And I think I mentioned that Anna and John Smith's son lives with his family right here in Haymarket in our golf course community of Piedmont.

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