Saturday, February 21, 2009


What is NARFE?
It is the National Active and Retired Federal Employees association. NARFE has chapters in every state and has its national headquarters in Washington D.C. It holds a national convention once every two years. In 2006 the convention was in Albuquerque, New Mexico and in 2008 the convention was in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2010 convention will be in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the 2012 convention will be in Reno, Nevada.
NARFE's purpose is to fight to retain federal employees earned benefits and to lobby for improvements to the current and retired federal employees pay and benefits. To make sure that the federal government honors our service and continues to support our retirement benefits in these trying economic times is a great reason for every retired and active federal employee to join their local chapter of NARFE.
My husband has been a member of the Manassas chapter since retiring in 2000 and last year he became the president of the Manassas chapter.
Are you a federal employee or a retired federal employee? If so, please join your local chapter of NARFE to ensure that you will have a retirement income and benefits in the future so that your olden days will be golden days.

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