Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poems Are Like Buds On A Tree

Poems Are Like Buds On A Tree

Poems are like spring days in winter's eye.
They cleanse our dulled eyes and brain.
They awaken our senses from a deep sleep.
They make us delight in the sound of words expressed.
They create images that express our true feelings.

We fall in love with poems.
We use poems to declare love.
We recite poems to those we adore.
We equate poems with a time and place and lost love.
We hunger for another poem to stir our soul.

Poems are small while novels are big, sometimes huge.
Poems carry more meaning then their weight in gold.
Sometimes novels are not worth the paper to print them.
Novels almost never are worth their weight in gold.
Poems do have more meaning then their weight in gold.

Poems represent good economy.
A huge product from so little material.
But the mental production progresses slowly.
Poems don't come from assembly lines.
Poems come from struggling words along a line.

Nursery rhymes are poems for mothers and babies.
And babies respond with coos, laughs and mimics.
Patriotic lyrics are musical poems for citizens.
And folks respond with tears, zeal and volunteering.
Gospel songs are poems for souls in search of God.

Poems are like buds on a tree.
Each bud has many tightly wrapped petals.
And each petal unpeels another thought
Each bud is a delight to the searching soul who finds it.
And each poem like each tree bud is a divine delight.

Joann Gariety Shipley
February 12, 2009


Anonymous said...

I liked your post yesterday and I also appreciated your poetry today. Nice two posts.

DragonQuilter said...

Really liked your poem, especially the last stanza!! Definitely worth reading at book club this Friday!

fishing guy said...

Joann: Bravo!!!!!!!!

Poems are a joy to the heart
when they have such a great start.
You follow them along like a friend
trying to get from the beginning
until they reach the very end.

Susie of Arabia said...

You have really outdone yourself with this post. Thoughtful poetry and a beautiful close-up. Well done!