Monday, February 2, 2009

We Flew JetBlue

We flew JetBlue a week ago Sunday (January 25, 2009) from Dulles International Airport where we left the main terminal in these two story white buses that took us
to the secondary terminal where we went thru security for a second time before boarding our flight that left the cold winter weather of Virginia
and the land of Obama and the first 100 days of his presidency with all its cultural accouterments (see next two photos)
for the warmth of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Italian cruise ship Costa Fortuna which took us to summer time
and sunshine, blue skies and swaying palm trees
towering over colorful flowers and vivid green vegetation
and many macho roosters.
We have so many wonderful Caribbean experiences and cruise ship highlights to share with you that we will do at least two blogs each day this week. So come back soon if you want to learn more about cruising the Caribbean. Hope you enjoy the Italian music I have moved to the top of the Playlist to set the mood for our cruise on the Italian Costa Fortuna.


DragonQuilter said...

Thought about you and your trip, all warm and sunny down there while we froze our backsides off. Can't wait for the stories!


That looks like heaven! So beautiful and sunny. I'm looking forward to more. At least I can live vicariously :)

fishing guy said...

Joann: What wonderful sunny captures.