Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Photos of Cozumel

At the pier were more than three amigos.

But these three amigos below at the pier bar are either planning to drink and/or take a bath in bathtub gin. Costa Fortuna on one side of the pier and Carnival on the other side of the pier.
Everybody loves a mariachi band. Did you know that the Japanese and the Russians as well as folks from various other countries now have their own mariachi bands? The music has spread around the world. Who knows. Maybe it spread by cruise ship passengers.
You know I love roosters. Here are three from the Discover Mexico Museum. The red one is made of red chilies! That's what I call a hot, hot rooster!
Mexican festivals and culture on display in this tree of life clay piece.
Close up of one section of the piece shows small butterflies around a depiction of corn tortilla making.
This is an example of a hope chest for the first born son of a Mexican family. The family will fill the chests with money and gifts to help the first born son begin his married life in style. Our tour guide was not the first born son of his family in Mexico City so he did not have a chest like this to pass down to his first born son so he had to go out and buy one for his first born son. Moral of this story: it pays to be the first born son.

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