Friday, January 30, 2009

The Capitol Steps Make Fun Of Everyone

For Christmas Jeanine gave to Jack and I tickets to go see the Capitol Steps. We have been hearing about this comedic song and dance group since arriving in the Washington D.C. area almost thirty years ago. Well we sure had fun laughing at their routines. They did one number that went something like what are we going to do----Obama isn't funny. How will we poke fun at him?
This group does know how to poke fun at most folks. Just look at some of their song titles:
Springtime For Liberals
Everything's Run By Pelosi
Lust in Space
I'm So Indicted
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea
This is the House That Jack Bribed
Oh What a Beautiful Mormon
Don Imus is a Girl's Best Friend
If I Were a Rich Mensch
Buy, Buy American Pie
McCain's Campaign
Obama Meet Osama


Beth said...

I always enjoy the Capitol Steps. We saw them many times when we lived in Falls Church. The used to perform on Friday and Saturday Nights in a little bar in Georgetown that turned into a dance club as soon as the Steps had finished. It was so funny to see all the well-dressed political junkies exiting and all the "clubbed" out sparkly girls waiting in line to go in.

Wanda said...

Looks like the people that live in DC have all the fun!!!