Thursday, January 1, 2009

Viola Luthman In Memoriam

Viola Luthman was my father's baby sister. Aunt Viola Luthman died this past Saturday, December 27'th and was laid to rest this past Wednesday, December 31'st after a mass of Christian burial at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Fort Laromie, Ohio. She lived to be 103 years old. The only other person to live to be older in our family of relatives was my aunt by marriage, Ruth Dapore, who lived to be 105. Aunt Viola and Aunt Ruth knew each other from parties at our house.
Aunt Viola Gariety was a young flapper girl in this 1920's photo. Viola Gariety was born on November 2, 1902 in Newport, Ohio. On May 4, 1927 at the age of 25 she married Wilbur Luthman. She would be a farm wife and mother of 12 children and grandmother of many, many more children.
She survived a bout of tuberculosis in the 1950's that put her in a TB saniterium and she outlived many of her children and grandchildren as well as nieces and nephews. Aunt Viola was 103 years old when she died last Saturday at her home near St. Patricks, Ohio. She lived a very full life. Thanks for the memories and rest in peace.


Linda Reeder said...

It's amazing how long some of those women of the past generations lived, especiall through so many childbirths! My grandmother was like that, 13 births, lived just short of 100 years.

Melinda said...

a very interesting sorry for your thoughts are with you