Saturday, January 31, 2009

High School Drama and Choral Groups

Northern Virginia is where the Cappies originated. It now has spread to many chapters across the nation. We have enjoyed many wonderful moments watching the local high school students perform. Two weeks ago Saturday we went to Westfield High School which is the second newest high school in Fairfax County to see a Disney Show.
Here is the auditorium before the show. Many parents with small children in tow were streaming in to watch the Saturday afternoon matinee.
These singers are literally cooking up a great song and dance for the audience.
Do you recognize this Disney character? Yep, it is Pocahontas.
The finale was songs and dances from Disney's High School Musical. The only thing that was changed on purpose was the school mascot. This show didn't have a Wildcat. It had a Bulldog because Westfield is the home of the Bulldogs.



I really need to start taking my kids to see some of these! I think they would love them. I hope some day they'll actually be in one!

Wanda said...

What fun! I was in every High School play our school presented!!

I loved it! Two of my favorites were Our Town, and The Boyfriend.

Kids do need to be exposed to this kind of theatre.

fishing guy said...

Joann: That looks like a fun evening.