Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where Jackie Kennedy Would Love To Eat

The name of the Red Fox Inn and fox hunt rides were synonymous with the name of Jackie Kennedy. I know that if Jackie were still alive and spending time in Middleburg,VA , she would stop to eat at this French bistro that is called The French Hound. The place has a great French bistro atmosphere and better yet the food is scrumptious! Scrumptious---that's five steps above delicious!
Last Saturday we treated The Dragon Quilter blog writer, Dickie, and her lawyer husband Scott to a leisurely lunch at The French Hound. We had such a good time there.

We enjoyed looking past the French doors to the winter gravel garden.
We admired the wine cellar and discovered a delicious new Malbec wine from Chile that is imported by a fellow who lives in Middleburg. The wine is called La Bruja Malbec and it is made by the Well Oiled Wine Company. The wine had a deep rich color and had notes of cherry and smoke to the finish. We sampled two bottles with our meal.
Here's a cozy seating booth for six.
Here our two appetizers: French radishes with Kosher salt and French salami with French cornichons.
Scott and Dickie and Joann had the beef burgundy. Yum, yum!
Jack had the strip steak with Cabernet butter on top and French fries on the side. The French do no how to do fries. McDonald's please take note.
Now for the happy ending: dessert! Joann had this fudge cake with raspberries and real whipped cream that had a touch of French vanilla.
Dickie had a pear poached in red wine with a vanilla cream sauce surrounding the pear.
Jack and Scott both had the apple tatin tart with a caramel sauce. Wow!
Was that ever good. We all had to take a bite of it.
So for all you folks who reside in Northern Virginia on your next outing to Middleburg give yourself a treat and head to The French Hound for either lunch or dinner. You won't be disappointed. Here's some info on The French Hound which is owned and operated by a young couple who are making their mark on the culinary front in Virginia.
Bon Appetite in 2009!


DragonQuilter said...

I have to add to Jack and Joann's comments about The French was one of the best meals I have ever had and it's so close to where we live. Definitely a place we will go to again!! And with them of course! If you haven't been there and are in the area you should definitely try it!

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Hi JoAnn.....lovely name, mine too, only with an e at the end. It was nice of you to stop by my blog on SkyWatch Friday. Feel free to stop by anytime. I taught elementary school for 28 years--third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. I just turned 60, but hubby is still working as a consultant looking to retire completely by the end of 2009.

I've enjoyed reading some of your entries. I'll stop by again.

Steve Buser said...

The meal looks scrumptious. And the French flavor adds to it.

Wanda said...

Well thank you very much!!! I just went back on my Fat Flush Plan after the holiday eating, and then you show me this food...What's a girl to do. So I headed for the refrig.

It all looks soooooooooo gooooood!!
especially the desserts.

What a special time...wish I could have joined you.