Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gas May Be Low But.............

A gallon of gas may be lower this January than it was in October but if you don't have a job or you think you might lose your job or you might get cut to just part time you are not going to be cruising down the roads or rivers on your sports equipment. I guess the big folks are selling their yachts while the little folks are selling their motorcycles. I learned via the media yesterday that Harley Davidson is now going to close plants and layoff workers across the nation.

When will the economy turn around? I don't know and I don't think the economy experts know. One economic guru said that the economy will turn around when people start consuming freely again. Well, I don't think I see that in the too distant future. When you stop consuming you realize that you can live and be content with what you already have as long as you have some basic needs met like food, shelter and a shirt on your back.

But of course this is a wake up call for this nation. How do you stimulate the economy when you are not consuming mindlessly? Well, public works project may be the answer. I know for a fact that our decaying bridges and roads sure need a face lift and even an expansion of highways in large metro areas. I say that it is time to build roads and bridges in America instead of in Iraq where they get blown up soon after they are built and where the graft and corruption in the construction industry is much, much worse than in the U.S. Obama are you listening to Joann and Jack?

I think the whole country and everyone in it needs to do more volunteering and less consuming. Giving instead of getting. And everyone from the president on down needs to learn to live within a budget and budget for less this year than last year. If schools need to cut academic programs and sporting events then maybe Congress needs to cut mindless travel expenses at the tax payers expense. Maybe even Air Force One and that new presidential automobile needs to take less mindless trips. Oh, and I wonder how many miles to the gallon that presidential automobile gets? Anybody know? Do you think fifteen? And does the president need to go off to Camp David via helicopter every weekend? I think it would set a great example to close down Camp David in this financial crisis.
What's In and Out This Year
Second and third homes are out this year. Campers and mobile homes are out this year. Victory gardens are in this year.
Going to the library to get reading material is in. So is recycled books from garage sales and flea markets.
Playing with the kids at home is in. Stopping in the video amusement stores and playing is out. I think Chuckie Cheese is out for most ordinary folks.
Disposable diapers for little folks are still in. So are Depends for the old big folks.
Discounts for seniors is in. Remember the days when things are 15 per cent cheaper: Tueday, Rosses; Wednesday Fair Center movie theater in Fairfax County; Thurday, Harris Teater grocery stores.
More discounts for seniors is in: free Tuesday and Friday basketball games for seniors in Northern Virginia.
Buying jewelry is out. Selling jewelry is in. In the D.C. and Northern Virginia area these jewelry appraisal parties are the new in party. Come to the party with your old high school ring and your aunt's broken gold screwback earrings and sell them for cash.
Pawn shops are in now.
Doing your own taxes in in. Going to a tax preparer is out.
Getting an IOU for your tax return from the state of California is now in thanks to Arnold.
Dollar stores are everywhere now. Garfinkles, Woodies and Hechts have bit the dust. Wallmart is still in and seems to be here to stay with all its Chinese made goods but even they are seeing a slow down. Goodby Linens and Things, Circuit City and Talbots Fine Clothes. Goodby Ann Taylor. Hello to good used clothing stores like the White Elephants in Middleburg and Warrenton where the hunt set crowd sells its used merchandise. Hello Cosco Discount Warehouse where everything is good and cheaper. Goodby to department stores in old malls.
Small organic food operations are in this year.
Learning to sew is in this year.
Cloth handbags are in this year because they are lighter on your shoulder and on your pocketbook.
Small local weddings are in this year. Matching attendent dresses are out. Just wear a dress in a certain color palette of the bride's choice.
Preserving wedding dresses is out. Selling wedding dresses is in.
Buying brand new prom dresses and homecoming dresses is out. Buying recycled prom dresses and homecoming dresses from dress exchanges is in.
Learning to change your own oil for your car is in this year.
Doing your own housecleaning is in this year. Believe me if you do it, your house will be neater and more organized than if you have a maid do it. She doesn't know what to do with all your junk so she just cleans around it. When the floors are cleaned but the house is cluttered with junk and papers it doesn't even look clean.
Mowing your own lawn and taking care of your own flowerbeds is in this year. You will get some exercise and feel better once those endorphins begin to flow with the exercise.
Eating healthy and light is in this year.
Eating breakfast at home is in this year.
Walking and walking some more is in this year.
Going to the health club to exercise is out. Going to use all that exercise and weight equipment in your own basement is in. Having exercise parties and yoga parties in the neighborhood is in.
Knitting sweaters and scarves is in. Buying sweaters at 40 per cent off is out.
Letting the teens ride the school bus is in this year. They don't need to drive a car to get to that after school job at the mall because the stores at the mall are closing.
Prayer and church is in. When you get knocked down to your knees in these trying economic times stay there and pray before you try to get up. And remember that many people in the world would love to have the shirt/coat you just gave to the Goodwill Store or the food you put in the garbage this week.
What else is in and out this year? Have I covered it well? Let me know if you have some ideas as to what is in or out.



Well, I've been "in" for a long time :) When we decided I'd stop working to stay home with the kids we made these change sin our home. Our own lawn, our own cleaning, coupons, library books, dollar stores, yard sales, almost never eating out... and you're right. Not only are we used to it, but I hear some of the ways people around here spend their money and they just seem so foolish to me!

Wanda said...

I think you covered it all! I love thift shopping, but will even do that less this year.

Thanks for putting all the work into this list.... I love it!!

Linda Reeder said...

I did most of this already. But everyone who still has money and doesn't spend it is putting someone else out of work. How will they eat?

fishing guy said...

Joann: What a mess we have wrought. To think the rich are the ones spending the money and causing the economy to prosper is so foolish. There are so many people not working that they may never find a way to solve these problems wrought in a spending economy gone sour.