Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sky Watch Friday in Black and White

Sky Watch Friday
This Sky Watch Photo is in Black and White
and it Was Taken in 1947.
Happy Birthday to Jackie Lee
Best Wishes From Joann
My husband turned 64 recently! He was not a baby boomer and neither was I. He is a war baby.
This is Jack in cap and gown for his high school graduation from Hale High School where he ranked first in his class. By the way, there were only 11 students in his high school graduation class! I had 18 students in my high school class so he had me beat when it came to a small high school.

And here is Jack in St. Louis in 1967 with his father Jewel. Jack was just beginning his career after college as an army auditor in the Midwest district which had its head quarters in St. Louis.

Jack got drafted into the army in 1968. This photo was taken in the desert landscape of Arizona when Jack went to visit his mom after basic training.
This was the 1970 red Oldsmobile convertible that Jack bought when he got out of the army and moved to these apartments in Salem, Oregon to work once more for Army Audit. Jack didn't get to have the top down very often in Oregon because it was either rainy and/or cold.
And here is Jack tying the knot with me on April 15, 1974. Our good friends, Jim who worked also for Army Audit and Joyce who was the secretary for the deputy district manager of Army Audit in Frankfurt, Germany, were our best man and maid of honor. Jim and Joyce got married in September of the same year.
Here is Jack with daughter Jennifer Mary. Daddy and Jennifer were dressed up for Easter Sunday mass in Ajo, Arizona. We had stopped for the night in Ajo while on a roadtrip to Los Angelas and Disneyland.
Here is Jack with both of his little girls at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. Jeanine is in Jack's arms while Jennifer is posing by the gothic window of the cathedral
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Guy D said...

Great idea for a skywatch shot, very interesting.

Regina In Pictures

Photo Cache said...

I enjoyed this a lot. I always love to look at other people's old photo albums, even if I don't know the people.

Susie of Arabia said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! It was fun seeing your life over the years in pictures. Thanks, Joann!

Anonymous said...

A lot of different skies through the years, and what a lovely tribute to your husband and family.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

happy birthday to jack.
nice series of shots over the years...enjoyed them.
have a great weekend.


Lovely photo retrospective! Happy birthday to Jack :)

Wanda said...

What a very interesting tour of the years.

I was a war baby too 1941!!

Don't we all change... love looking at pictures back then.

A very Happy Birthday Jack!!!!


fishing guy said...

Jack through the ages, oh my. There is a cute country song about these pictures by Jamey Johnson called "In Color" that goes with this post.