Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday To Greg

This is yours truly in January 1966 holding my Godchild and nephew, Gregory, on the Sunday afternoon that he was baptised at St. Remy Catholic Church in Russia, Ohio. Don't I look like I don't know how to really hold and handle a newborn baby! Greg was born on in early January. He just missed being a New Years Day baby.
From left to right are my Dad, the Godparents, baby Greg and Greg's maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Leugers. (Sidenote: Mr. Leugers fought in Germany in World War I)

This photo was taken in August of 1968 when Greg was two years old. He is with his father Carl in the potato patch. (Another sidenote: we used to grow lots and lots of potatoes and would sell them to the town folks in Russia, Ohio)
Here is my Godchild on his wedding day. Doesn't he look handsome standing beside his bride Connie.
Now here is a photo of Greg's children: older daughter Brooke, the twins Justin and Jordan, younger son Jake and younger daughter Eliza. What a handsome young family he has!
And here is my Godchild Greg standing by his father Carl and his three sons up in the cab of this big red combine. I've been told that this old combine has been replaced with a new one that is bigger and better. My family farmers around Russia are now heading into the fourth generation.
My father would be so proud of Greg's farming abilities.
So Happy Belated Birthday, Greg!
Hope It Was A Great One!
Aunt Joann and Uncle Jack in Virginia


Wanda said...

What a great set of pictures from your family album. I really enjoyed watching Greg grow as the years went by.

What a lovely family he has, how special to have a Godchild!

Love and Hugs

Jack and Joann said...

Thanks Wanda! Happy New Year. Yes, it has been fun being a Godmother. I have four Godchildren. One is deceased.

Jack and Joann said...

All you Ohio farmers go to the left and click on heirloom gardner and you can learn about a company that sells heirloom seeds. They have a great catalog. Order one and while the snow falls think about what you might like to try growing in your garden. With our economy in the tank and the food supply so tainted it might be the right time to return to a little victory garden.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had fun taking these pictures. Combines are huge and getting bigger and more expensive. I was always fascinated by the way Russia is pronounced here by people who are in the know. Everyone else pronounces it like Russia -- over there.

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GrandmaKathleen said...

It is great being a Godmother I have a God daughter and a Godson. Watching them grow to be adults and have a family is a blessing.
Thanks for sharing these family photos of the past and present.Beautiful

fishing guy said...

Joan: That was a nice jesture to your Godson.