Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My World Tuesday: Feast of the Three Kings

My World Tuesday Is Still In Christmas Mode
The Last Day of Christmas
January 6, 2009
Feast of the Three Kings
And Here Are The Three Wise Kings
Courtesy of Pinewood Estate at Lake Wales, Florida
They Are Bringing Gold
(Sign of King of Earth),
(Sign of King of Heaven),
(Sign of Christ's Suffering and Death to Come).
Hey, I paid attention at mass on Sunday and this is what the priest discussed. And did you ever wonder where the three kings got their frankincense and myrrh? And did you know that the United Nations has designated the old frankincense and myrrh site a World Heritage Historical site. This site is in the present day Middle East country of Oman. Click here if you want to learn more: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1010y
And here is more info on the gifts the kings brought to the Christ child. I bet you didn't know that today you can order on line frankincense and myrrh from the Sultanate of Oman. And just how appropriate were these gifts for a baby? Click here to learn more: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1300/why-did-the-magi-consider-frankincense-and-myrrh-such-valuable-gifts
Well, we have celebrated all 12 days plus one of Christmas at Pinewood Estate so we can head back down the ceramic tile stairs and out the door...... ........to the beautiful gardens that an interesting 25 year volunteer at this estate gave to us. He was chocked full of interesting knowledge about the house and garden that he was just bursting with enthusiasm to share with us. So off we went following this old gentleman with his sturdy walking cane to learn more and more and more......
Just once this January wouldn't you just love to step out of your house with your morning coffee or tea and view this sumptuous yard.Sumptuous. It rhymes with scrumptious and both are five steps above delicious.
This fountain right outside the front door reminded me of Ernest Hemingway's fountain at his home in Key West, Florida that we visited years ago. We came upon a fountain outside the fancy mansion and learned that Ernest took/stole this men's urinal from one of the famous watering holes on notorious Duvall St. that Hemingway liked to visit after a day spent writing a novel. After learning that the bar owner planned to renovate the bar with new urinals Hemingway declared that he had donated so much bar water to those old urinals that he deserved to take one home and set it up in his yard as a fountain for his six-toed cats that roamed freely about the estate. Hemingway's wife came up with a clever plan to disguise that awful lawn ornament. She imported some Italian ceramic tile and had the urinal placed on its side and turned it into a very sedate and lovely Italian style fountain. So there Ernest. You have your urinal and I have my style still in tact! (Bet you didn't know that you would learn about this in my Christmas story for today. Well, it fits once upon a time and its a true story!)
Now isn't this a lovely path to wander down looking and admiring both house and gardens. The volunteer guide was just beaming when he relayed information on the building of the walls of this home. There was no brick or wood used but instead 24 inch clay tiles made the walls so the walls are two feet thick. Not bad construction for potential hurricane winds.
This is a closeup of a neat and tidy vine that covers some of the walls. Anyone know what this is? I would love to grow it up my one basement wall.
Here is a sculpture of a young mother and young child. Today I will label it Mother Mary and Child Jesus.
Finally this is the fine three car garage Mr. Bethlehem had for his cars and his chauffeur. Every wonder what it would be like to be so rich that you have many fancy cars and a chauffeur to drive them for you.

Love and joy and peace to all of you wherever you are in the world this fresh new year. Now go visit some other My World Tuesday sites by clicking here:http://showyourworld.blogspot.com/


fishing guy said...

Joann: Well I'll never know what it is to be that rich. I'm just happy to make ends meet and get to do some fun things. Thanks for this tour from people who lived like the kings of old. Very nice music tie-in.

alicesg said...

The garden is so beautiful. The vine covering the walls reminded me of my airport with green walls. You can view them here. http://alicesgphoto-changiairport.blogspot.com/2007/12/changi-airport-terminal-3-green-wall.html

Louise said...

Beautiful!!! What a wonderful place!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow all of these photos are beautiful, it would be nice to be rich just one time. well maybe not

Reader Wil said...

What a beautiful walk in the gardens and thank you also for the story about the three gifts Baby Jesus got. I heard it too and often told about it to my classes. Have a great 2009.

Mar said...

Today is a holiday in Spain as the 3 Wise Men bring the presents to the children (not Santa Claus!). Lovely shot of the three of them and beautiful garden!! it must be nice to be rich but I am happy with what I have :)

Anonymous said...

Great My World post. Thanks for sharing with us.

W. Latane Barton said...

Beautiful gardens. So peaceful and interesting. Glad you visited by blog. Hope you will come back since we are both Virginians. Practically neighbors.

Lew said...

Beautiful gardens and interesting info about the gardens, Hemmingway and the gifts of the magi!.

Anonymous said...

I like the grounds, statues and pond and the three car garage is common here these days in new home construction. I don't think anybody has a chauffer though.

I still have the old blogs but I also have new ones Abe Lincoln Blogs and also look at Abraham Lincoln's Blog

Ruth said...

A beautiful place to visit. Epiphany passes by here with little notice. I think the 12 days are a nice way to celebrate Christmas.